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Loss Control Resource Library Catalog and Order Form

  1. To minimize risks and reduce losses, LGIT has implemented a Loss Control Resource
    Library (LCR Library) that offers a wide range of information on issues related to safety
    and risk management. The LC Resource Library is available only to LGIT members with a
    maximum check-out of five resources allowed at any given time. Members are
    encouraged to use the online method of ordering resources; however, a downloadable
    form to fax resource orders is available at: Download Resource Library Order Form here.

    To use the online method of ordering resources, fill out member contact information and
    click the check box next to each resource you wish to order. Click submit at the bottom
    of the form. You will receive a confirmation by email (from support@civicplus).
    Your order will be processed within 24 hours and mailed within one to two business days.

    These materials are being made available to you free of charge for a period of three
    weeks from the date of request. By participating in this program, you agree to assume
    the responsibility for damage to any items while on loan to your local government. If you
    have any questions or concerns regarding the materials you have requested, please
    contact Laura Swaggerty at 800.673.8231.

  2. Member Contact Information

  3. ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act)

  4. Select Your Resource:

  5. Air Quality

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  7. Alcohol and Drugs

  8. Select Your Resource:

  9. Animal Control:

  10. Select your Resource:

  11. Building Security

  12. Select your Resource:

  13. Corrections

  14. Select your Resource:

  15. Emergency Preparedness

  16. Select your Resource:

  17. Environmental

  18. Select your Resource:

  19. Fire Protection

  20. Select your Resource:

  21. Fleet Management - Defensive Driving

  22. Select your Resource:

  23. Hazcom/Hazmat - Right-To-Know

  24. Select your Resource:

  25. Health

  26. Select your Resource:

  27. Housekeeping

  28. Select your Resource:

  29. Human Resources

  30. Select your Resource:

  31. Law Enforcement

  32. Select your Resource:

  33. Management

  34. Select Your Resource:

  35. Officials - Elected/Appointed

  36. Select Your Resource:

  37. OSHA

  38. Select Your Resource:

  39. Playgrounds

  40. Select Your Resource:

  41. Property

  42. Select Your Resource:

  43. Risk Management

  44. Select Your Resource:

  45. Safety - Industrial Tools and Machinery

  46. Select Your Resource:

  47. Safety - Multi-Media

  48. Select Your Resource:

  49. Safety - Orientation/Awareness

  50. Select Your Resource:

  51. Safety - Outdoors

  52. Select Your Resource:

  53. Safety - Program Development

  54. Select Your Resource:

  55. Special Events

  56. Select Your Resource:

  57. Swimming Pools

  58. Select Your Resource:

  59. Utilities

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  61. Volunteers

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