Law Enforcement Resources

The value-added services and products outlined in this memo are provided to member agencies at, unless otherwise noted.  


LGIT has partnered with Lexipol Learning to provide our members with courses in over 360 law enforcement relative topics.  Most of these courses are certified through Maryland Police & Correctional Training Commission (MPCTC) and provide appropriate in-service credits upon successful completion.  The training videos range from 5 minutes to 3 hours.  In addition to the credited courses, there are non-credited classes that provide timely and relative information in a brief, truncated format.  

LGIT pays the $150 registration fee for selected member agencies’ law enforcement officers to attend emergency vehicle operations courses offered by the MPCTC in Sykesville, MD. In addition, LGIT pays the auto physical damage insurance required to take the class. 

The course is designed for law enforcement personnel with prior training in emergency / pursuit vehicle operations. Lecture presentations followed by practical exercises will refresh and enhance previously learned skills. The curriculum is devoted to enhancing the student’s attitude, techniques and skills required during patrol operations including emergency / pursuit operation of a police motor vehicle.

LGIT has purchased a DART firearms training simulator for use by member agencies to assist with training in high liability areas.  With customizable training scenarios, members can design courses in escalation/de-escalation tactics & techniques, tactical firearms training, as well shoot/don’t shoot scenarios.


Specialized training grant designed for LGIT members' law enforcement agencies to help fund certification training for a new police officer recruit.  The grant amount is $5000 for the member that wins the grant.  The grant may be used to send the designated recruit to a state approved police academy and can cover costs related to travel, lodging, course fees, and training materials.

The program is designed to help Members fund training programs offered to their staff in an effort to reduce liability and property claims damage. Training grants can also be used to send employees to seminars, workshops, conferences, technical classes, or other related training programs. The final grant award is decided by LGIT’s Risk Management Committee on a case-by-case basis and requires a 50/50 match.

LGIT offers a Life Saver’s Award Program to Members’ employees who are directly responsible for saving a human life.