Life Saver's Award

Life Saver's Award Policy

Local Government Insurance Trust is offering a Life Saver’s Award Program. The award is presented to a person directly responsible for saving a human life. This person must be:
  • A LGIT member’s employee, or
  • An individual who saves the life of a LGIT member’s employee.
Clear reasonable evidence must show that imminent danger existed and that a human life would have been lost if action had not taken place. If the lifesaving act is disputable, signed statements from medical personnel are required.

Examples of the most common lifesaving acts involve a person who was drowning, bleeding to death, asphyxiating, trapped in a burning building or vehicle, or receiving a potentially fatal electrical shock.

The act must go above and beyond the regular duties required by the award nominee’s occupation.

For example, a firefighter rescuing a person from a burning building or school, or correctional facility nurse applying first aid to a fellow employee or resident, would not qualify.

LGIT members can recommend an individual for an award through the member’s elected officials or other designated member employees.


1. Upon knowledge of a potential Life Saver’s Award candidate, verify that the candidate’s action meets the award criteria and obtain the necessary documentation before submitting a nomination form to LGIT. Do not discuss the possibility of an award with nominee. It may be determined that the situation does not warrant award recognition.

2. Within 60 days of the incident, complete the Online Life Saver's Award Nomination Application with required documentation.

3. Award nominations will be reviewed by the LGIT Risk Management Committee. If the nomination is approved by the Committee, the manager of candidates nominated for this award will be notified and presentations will be made at the LGIT Annual Meeting.

Apply for the Award

To apply for the award, complete the Online Life Saver's Nomination Application.