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Training Grant Program Evaluation

  1. Recipients must complete and return the evaluation within 120 days of training completion. Failure to return the completed evaluation in a timely fashion may result in a forfeiture of grant funds and potential ineligibility for future grant awards for up to two years. If you experience technical difficulties with this survey, please contact us at 800.673.8231 for assistance.
  3. Please answer the following questions.
  4. Are you the grant applicant?*
  5. Did you attend the training?*
  6. Did the training meet your expectations?*
  7. Will you be able to apply the training provided?*
  8. Were the materials distributed pertinent and useful?*
  9. Did the trainer(s) meet the training objectives?*
  10. Was training shared with other LGIT members?*
  11. How do you rate the training overall?*
  12. Thank you for completing this Training Grant Program Evaluation!
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