Law Enforcement Body Camera Grant

Law Enforcement Body Camera Grant Information

For fiscal year 2022, LGIT is again funding a special grant to help our member law enforcement agencies purchase equipment and services related to officer worn body cameras. LGIT believes using this type of device can have a direct impact on law enforcement liability. To help our members purchase this equipment and related training and services the LGIT Board of Trustee’s has authorized this grant funding.

Beginning in FY 22 requests for camera purchases only will no longer be considered. Multi-year service provider contracts from camera related vendors (such as AXON) will still be eligible. Also, any related services regarding camera related data, such storage and camera recording data such as, Maryland Public Information Act (MPIA), redaction services and training are eligible.

No single grant request can exceed $5,000. Grant requests are limited to one member agency per fiscal year. Grants will be review on a first come first serve basis as long as funding is available.

Apply for the Grant

To apply for the grant, complete the Online Law Enforcement Body Camera Grant Application.